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Satinwood Gourmet Coffees
At Satinwood Coffee Company, we take care to provide our customers high quality coffees roasted fresh weekly.  Minimum 3 pounds per order or shipping.  We provide a variety of gourmet coffees:
The above pricing does not include shipping and handling.  If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or wholesale prices, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will help find the best solutions for you.
Colombian Supremo
A very well balanced coffee combining body, acidity and flavour.
$ 14.95
Colombian Decaf
Decaffienated Colombian Coffee
Peru Swiss Water Decaf

Colombian French Roast
French roasted Colombian.
$ 15.95
Costa Rica Tarrazu
A classically complete coffee rich and hearty like a good burgandy
$ 15.70
Birthplace of coffee.  A winy-like coffee with some floral notes
$ 16.00

Honduras Fair Trade Organic
Crisp clean flavour with medium body.
$ 16.00
Cafe Femenino
Guatemala Fair Trade Organic
A spicy flavour, medium to full-boddied, fairly rich with good aroma

Cafe Femenino
Peru Fair Trade Organic
A coffee with complex flavour and excellent aroma
$ 16.00
Satinwood Coffee Specialty Blends
Bella Casa
Great Central American coffees roasted and then blended for a full-bodied flavourful cup.  Dark Roast
$ 14.50
At Satinwood Coffee Company, we take care to provide our customers with our unque signature blends roasted fresh and blended indivicually.
Caribbean Connection
A blend of light and dark roasted Caribbean & South American coffees
$ 15.65
DoNut Shop
Satinwood Coffee's version on this most famous Canadian blend
$ 14.05
Milano Express
A very dark blend of full-bodied coffees.
$ 14.70
Espresso Paradiso
A great blend of individually roasted coffees to obtain that perfect shot.  Very Smooth.
$ 14.10
A trifecta of light and dark individually roasted coffee beans.
$ 14.25
Twisted Sister
Beans French-Roasted to give a bittersweet tang.  Low in acidity.
$ 14.30
Midnight Madagascar 
Central American and Indonesian coffees mingling  to produce rich flavour and heavy body.  Dark roast
$ 15.70
Milano Express
A French Roasted blend of full-bodied coffees
$ 11.45
Mocha Java
The most famous of blends, well balanced and rich tasting.
$ 15.80
Marrakech Express
French roasted coffee with creamy mocha flavour and very rich aroma.
$ 15.00
Espresso Riserva
​Brown, Bold and Beautiful.
$ 14.15
Rum Runner
A mixture of medium and dark roasted Central American Coffees.
$ 15.60
Bavarian Chocolate

Butterscotch Toffee

Cinnamon Crumb Cake

Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Chocolate Raspberry Cream

Cookie Doodle (Cinnamon & Hazelnut)

Cinnamon Toffee

Creme Brulee

Hazelnut Cream

French Vanilla

Highland Grogg (Butterscotch & Rum)

Irish Cream

J'Makin Me Krazee (Caramal, Vanilla & Coffee Cream Liqueur)

Jamaican Rum

Kahh Lua Cream

Almond Crunch (Caramel & Toasted Almond)

At Satinwood Coffee Company, we use the finest flavours to create that special dessert coffee.  We provide a variety of flavoured coffees including:
Satinwood Coffee Flavoured Coffees
Charlie Brown
Peanut Butter Cup

Pecan Sticky Bun

Peppermint Paddy

Toasted Coconut

Vanilla Hazelnut

Banana Hazelnut

French Caramel Cream

Macadamia Nut

Oooh.... I Luv Turtle

​Swiss Chocolate Almond


Vanilla Macadamia Nut

All of the Flavoured Coffees $15.45 per pound.  All flavours are available in decaf $ 16.45 per pound minimum 2 pounds
Costa Rica Dark
Dark Roasted Costa Rica Coffee
$ 16.05
Cafe Femenino
Bolivia Fair Trade Organic
 A great aromatic cup with chocolate-toned characteristics.
$ n/a

Cafe Femenino
Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic
This classic coffee has reat body, clean flavour and balance.
$ 17.20

Sumatra Mandeling
The most full-bodied coffee around, great smoky flavour
$ 17.00
Colombian Dark Roast
A very well balanced coffee combining body, acidity and flavour roasted dark
$ 14.85
A great morning bell ringer.   A creamy flavourful blend with a rich aroma.  French Roasted
$ 14.45
Old Vienna
An individually roasted blend of 40% dark and 60% medium coffees.
$ 15.65
Christmas Flavoured Coffees
​Mistletoe Mocha (chocolate mint)
Kringle Crumb Cake
Kringle Crumb Cake
Tipsy Elf (rum & egg nog)
Gingerbread Crème Brulee
​Kahh Lua & Egg Nog
Toasted Snowflake
Jingle Bell Java
Espresso Unleaded
​Brown, Bold and Beautiful without the caffeine
$ 15.25
​New Flavours
​French Apple Crumb Cake
​Maple Bourbon
Black Forest Cake
Cherry Vanilla
Pecan Rum Chatta
Café Femenino
Mexican Chiapias Fair Trade Organic
This mild coffee has great aroma
$ 17.00

Indian Monsoon Malabar

$ 17.20

Tanzania AA
A rich cup with a sweet lingering aftertaste.


$ 12.95    

$ 18.00